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Event Photography is more about telling the story behind the smiles, laughter, and glances during an event. It is more of sharing what happened and how happiness can better be amplified. It is like a tale as old as time, you had this event, and through photos, you want to relive it. In the most special celebrations of our lives, we always want proper documentation of it, because at that moment you knew it was worth coming back to.


Think about weddings. There is a lot of genuity in weddings – the smiles of the people rooting for the couple, the support given by those who have taken time out their lives, and the genuine stares of the two people finally being together. There are so many emotions at a wedding, and it would be a waste if they are not captured perfectly in time. Think about birthdays. It is about the joy of finally growing a year older and the promise of better days that come with it. It is just pure. It is just worth every click of a camera.


Are you planning to have an event? Are you looking for a photographer that will take storytelling photos? We at VANC have event photographers that are highly experienced and are always ready to capture the precious moments at your shows, weddings, and parties. You can expect great quality service as we prioritize client satisfaction. You can book our professional photography service, whether it is a wedding or portrait photoshoot, and you can sit back and enjoy your celebration with the comforts of having the special moments photographed! Get the best quality of services from our team, and we would love to serve you!


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We travel, hit the road and takes amazing candid street portraits & landscape photos.

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